WordPress Theme

by Krisna on 18/01/2017

My WordPress theme is called Silver Snow. The name comes from the color theme which is grey and white. The aim of the theme is simplicity. This theme modify the Sandbox theme.


The core design implements the card system where each post is categorized into cards. The sidebar is removed to reduce clutters on the screen. The theme uses my stripped down boilerplate that allows me to easily position each card and have them aligned in the center of the page (or each element’s parent). The full boilerplate contains some UI element style such as buttons and input boxes.

Theme Breakdown

Each elements in the theme can be broken down to individual sections. There are 3 main sections in the homepage.

3 main sections

Each section is independent from one another. The height of each section is dynamic, which means, content can freely grow whilst holding the maximum page size of 1000 px. If the width of the device is less than 1000 px, the section will rescale accordingly.


Before and After




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